Trade License


  1. Any place within Municipality/Corporation limit shall be used for any one or more of purposes specified in schedule V of the Tamil Nadu Districts Municipalities Act,1920/Schedule-IV of the Madurai City Municipal Act,1971/Schedule IV Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation Act,1981 with license issued by the executive authority and with conditions specified therein:
  2. Application for grant or renewal of license shall be made to the Commissioner in Form-I (Available in this Portal)
  3. Applications are to be made to the Commissioner not more than 90 days in case of before the place is used for such purpose, not less than 30 days in case of Municipalities and not less than 45 days in case of Corporation before the place is used for such purpose.
  4. On receipt of application the Commissioner shall scrutiny with reference to the suitability of the place ,Possibility any danger in life or health or property are the livelihood of any nuisance being created etc., applicability of provisions of other Acts and after satisfaction shall issue demand for payment of license fee within 7 days.
  5. License fee can be remitted online and receipt can be downloaded.
  6. Trade License will be issued within a week’s time after remittance of fee with conditions to be adhered.
  7. Renewal application shall be made before 1st March of every year in municipalities. For corporation it should be made not less than 45 days before the commencement of financial year. Renewal applications made after February shall be liable for penalty as fixed by the respective council.

Documents to be enclosed along with the application for the grant of Trade license

  1. Identity Proof
  2. Lease Deed/Legal occupancy certificate
  3. PAN/TIN
  4. Copy of the property tax receipt for the previous half year.
  5. In respect of factories/premises/work places in which steam or other is to be employed. (More than 5 HP) Copy of the permission given for the construction and installation of machineries by the council/standing committee as the case may be.
Documents to be enclosed for grant of permission for the construction, establishment or installation of factory, workshop or workplace in which steam or other power is to be employed.
  1. Planning Approval and Building permission from the competent authority.
  2. Such particulars as to be the power, machinery plant or premises as the municipal council may require by by-laws made in this behalf.
  3. Approval of the Inspector of Factories (Wherever applicable) appointed under the India Factories Act 1911.
  4. Opinion of the Deputy Director of Public Health in ULBs where Municipal Health Officer post is not in existence.
  5. NOC from Fire and Rescue Services Department
  6. TNPCB consent to establish the industry/workplace/workshop.